Rants in the Key of Darkness 3 | 05-22-2015

Sheeple A.k.a Sheep people a.k.a followers a.k.a mindless zombies of society.

So I'm browsing my Facebook garbage feed, when I see a video reposted several times of people pulling apart a Reese's brand peanut butter cup to find maggots crawling around inside. Disgusting? Yes. This would be horrifying to discover, especially for a kid. Likely to be a regular occurrence? Not even remotely close. A friend's comment to go along with her post: "Never ever ever ever again will I even so much as touch one of these". Really? And where exactly does that line end? If there is potential for this to happen to what looked like a very old chocolate, it could easily happen to the MILLIONS OF OTHER ITEMS MANUFACTURED LITERALLY FUCKING ANYWHERE!

You see this shit happen all the time, especially from web-bound parents. See an article about a finger in a McDonald's burger, or how deep fried french fries cause cancer and they are on their own crusade band wagons to have whatever company involved burned at the stake and their products boycotted. No research done of course, outside of whatever bullshit you've read by a re-blog. How much do you wanna bet that you will find that same person scarfing down whatever evil product they were ready to exile the week before?

BAM! Sheeple. Quick to judge and join the mob without proper education. Aimlessly following their flock into the meat chipper because someone said it was a good idea. This kind of misinformed hive mentality has been happening for centuries. Witch burnings, the reign of Adolf Hitler, the bible story of Jesus Christ's crucifixion. All extreme cases of Sheeple.

As you can tell, there is a lot of fire behind my words. People I love and care about fall into this fold; one of life's damn near unavoidable legacies. Misinformed sheeple often raise misinformed sheeple. The worst part about it is that being one of those sheeple is easy to avoid. You're telling me that you, with all the information in the world available at your fingertips, you can drool over cat videos but you can't keep yourself properly informed?

Break the cycle people. Don't raise arms unless you know what you're fighting about and what you're fighting for. I can only hope this makes some people think before they rage, because I shudder to think how this form of stupidity will present itself decades from now for those that don't.

You've just been subjected to a Rant in the Key of Darkness.

You're welcome,


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