Rants in the Key of Darkness 4 | 06-15-2015

I fully support the LGBT community,but i am so incredibly sick and tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner's transformation. Good for you for taking that leap and becoming who you feel you truly are. But you didn't exactly break the wheel or get a head start. However, there are more important things in this world that garner that kind of attention. It's as if everyone has seemingly forgotten that Jenner is still a selfish multimillion dollar trashbag who will likely milk this situation with yet another bullshit reality show, getting more money than she again fucking deserves.

You, the public, have now given her the 15 minutes she deserves. You've sang praises and raised her up as the shining star of gender equality. I'm sure nobody realized there was a running for that until it was too late. I personally would have voted in Actress Laverne Cox or Porn Star Bailey Jay, but hey, that's just me.

I didn't have respect for Caitlyn when she was still Bruce, and just because she has embraced her inner female, hasn't garnered or earned my respect now. What happens outside, will never change the attention seeking goblin she's always been inside! Stop feeding the Goblin people.

You've just been subjected to a Rant in the Key of Darkness.

You're welcome,


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