Rants in the Key of Darkness 5 | 07-22-2015

Money. I fucking hate money.

So many people try to convince you that it always changes your life for the better, and that it makes the world go round. It doesn't.

It's corrupt and evil. The more you let your life revolve around it usually leads to being more and more miserable. Because in spite of what you may think, money can't buy you happiness. No amount of money can keep you completely healthy. It can't buy true love. It can't heal the sick, nor can it raise the dead.

It's a leash, a crutch, an excuse to be less than you are. It's that nagging voice telling you that you will never amount to anything if you don't have it. Guess what folks? That voice is fucking wrong. We may never break the grip that money has on society. But we can live beyond it. Live your life how you choose, without being concerned about how much it might cost. And yes, I understand that you need it to keep a roof over your head, and to stay fed, but your life doesn't have to be dictated by it.

Fuck money. Give me happy any day of the week.

You've just been subjected to a Rant in the Key of Darkness.

You're welcome,


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