Have Some Self Worth | 03-19-2015

Years ago, I was hired to a company as a phone agent. Everything was fine, until throughout the year, I started to do the amount of work of three people without so much of a complaint. I wanted to show how dedicated I was, but also my talents in other areas other than picking up the phone and dialling numbers all day. I created automated spreadsheets to make other agents lives easier, as well as reports to help management make decision easier. I was definitely enjoying the job, but I still did not feel valued as an employee, especially with the work load climbing each day.

There is more to feeling valued than just a pay cheque. Sometimes we just want to hear a Good Job here and there. But being valued is more than just that.

Sometimes we just need a break, sometimes we just need people to stop asking us to do things that are not part of our job description. Eventually, one day I did my work for the day and handed in my employee ID card. I was burnt out, exhausted and feeling quite abused by that point and took no pleasure in quitting. In fact, I felt terrible for some of my co-workers, because I knew that unfortunately, some of those responsibilities would fall onto them. But I had to look out for myself, and I realized that the stress I was feeling was not worth the near-minimum wage cheque and lack of recognition I was receiving.

There is a happy ending however, a month later I was called back to that position with less responsibilities (something much more reasonable) and a more reasonable wage. But that wasn't the only reason I returned. I also returned because the people I spoke with after that month spoke with me and expressed the appreciation they had for me in the company, and they also understood the value I brought.

Long story story, don't sell yourself short just because you think you lack experience or have no other options. like this article in LifeHacker states, sometimes quitting can be the best decision you make in your life and will show you exactly how valuable you are.

Signed, Alex Boddam

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