WARNING: May Cause Blindness | 02-20-2015

I purchased a single pack of cigarettes today, opposed to buying a complete carton. Perhaps hoping it would subconsciously push me to slow down or quit. Anyway, I noticed the warning label on the package was the eyeball with a syringe carelessly dangling above, alerting the public about the dangers of smoking. The warning labels on these packs are getting a little severe. I can definitely appreciate the message they are trying to get across, but are the severe graphics necessary? Well, I experienced this warning in a different light today. I stood on my frozen ledge of a balcony smoking. It wasn't snowing, but there was enough wind blowing the snow around to make it seem as if it were. As I puffed my cigarette, there was suddenly a bright, hot ember twirling from the tip of my smoke. It moved so quick that I was surprised my eyelid could react fast enough. I may have burnt a few eyelashes and look a bit odd for a couple days, but I will never forget the giant sphere of burning, directly in front of my retina.

Signed, Alex Boddam

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