Things To Come

I realize it has been quite some time since I have posted on here myself. Things changing at work, mainly the office closing, plus additional distractions with the holidays and such. But really, I do not have to explain this to anyone, this is MY website after all. Regardless, in the back of my mind has always been this website, I have dedicated quite a number of hours... and dollars, in order to have this website up and running for anyone to enjoy. But now a friend and I have another idea to get some content on this site.

Before I jump to the new announcement, there are a number of topics I would like to discuss. Firstly, I do have some reviews in the works and not just games. Back in March of this year, my fiancé and I, along with some friends, visited the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto Ontario. I have taken some videos and images and plan to have a complete review up very soon with an edited video put together. Really, I am just waiting and searching for some audio background for the clips as the audio that came with the video capture is not the best in the world and will just distract from the main point. In addition to the video clip, I will also include a number of choice images for your use as wallpapers.

Secondly, I do have some more video game reviews in the works. The Mass Effect series is what I have currently been playing and plan on writing a review on the entire series, rather than by game. Of course, I will not just be discussing the story and game play, but any technical issues I have encountered while playing and how I got around them.

Finally, time for the big news. A friend of mine, Tim, will be joining me for a weekly podcast around video games. We have a name chosen, a microphone purchased (which I will eventually write a review on as well), and an artist commissioned for the cover art. All I need now is a short musical number for the intro and outro and we will be good to go. Of course, we will be recording each episode before we release them. We will be recording on Thursdays and I plan to have each episode up by Monday morning for everyone to enjoy for the start of the week.

So that's it. All the happenings over at and the exciting things to come. As always, if you have anything to say or something you would like me to review, head on over to the contact page and e-mail myself for a review, or e-mail Darkness a topic to rant about.

Signed, Alex Boddam

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