Reviews and Experiences

Everyone seems to have their own opinion, whether good or bad. I wanted some place to write my own.

But not only that, I have friends who have a lot of things to say as well, and I wanted to give them a place and opportunity to do just that. And so, I came up with this lovely slice of heaven for us.

What You'll Find

We will be reviewing TV Shows, Movies, Games, Hardware and more. Not only that, but you will also find that we have a lot of opinions, which we place in our Thoughts, if you can call it that. We will be writing about experiences we have in the world, and perhaps answer your questions that have been bugging you and need answers or advise.

You've Read This Far

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What's better is once I have enough to renew the cost of the website hosting and domains, I will put the money to building a new computer for a local family with children who could use the technology for school and further education!