BUSINESS - Arc80an

A week or so ago, an arcade opened up in St Catharines, ON at 286 Lake St. Anyone who knows me, knows my love for retro video-games. The name alone explains the tone of this location, the 1980's. I have already been to this location on three separate occasions and I must say, I LOVE IT!
Currently he only has 6 cabinets: Space Invaders - Deluxe, Centipede, DigDug, Ms. Pac-Man, BurgerTime and Tetris. Now this isn't a place where he builds custom cabinets for play, no, these are the originals, right down to the joysticks and buttons.
If you want to go here and play, it will only cost you $20, to play ALL day long for you AND up to 3 friends (a party of 4). $20 seems steep, but with the arcade open 10 hours a day, it sure beats dumping countless quarters everytime you die. Especially since games of the 80's were not made to walk you through the game, they were built to be extremely hard.
I started my exploration with my favourite, DigDug. I have spent countless hours playing this game as a child, and the nostalgia just grows looking at the actual unit and art on the cabinet. As the game started, my ears were given the treat of "Mr. Roboto" by Styx, oh bliss.
I proceeded to spend over 3 hours traversing between cabinets and getting lost in the pixelated joy. Nothing can beat the feeling you get playing games on a real cabinet in an actual arcade. Trying to get the highscore will definitely have anyone's eyes locked on the screen for extended periods.

If you ever end up in St Catharines and do not know what to do, I definitely suggest checking this place out first before anything else!

Signed, Alex Boddam

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