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Shower Speaker PackagingShower Speaker Packaging

Product Available from: GroupOn - Limited Time

So I love my bluetooth headphones (Motorola S10-HD, review to come), and I wanted something I could listen to my music and podcasts in the washroom without worry of damaging any device. So when I got an e-mail from GroupOn with 'Bluetooth Shower Speaker' available for only $20, I jumped at the deal.

After about 2 weeks, I finally received the package from DHL.

Shower Speaker PackagingShower Speaker Packaging

The package was quite small, and upon opening, I found the product packaging was not much bigger than the device itself. Inside was the speaker with a suction cup on the reverse side of it, a USB charging cable, and a small, poorly written, instruction paper. I took the speaker out of the packaging, pluged the USB into my computer and started to charge it. Small red LED near the power button, under the rubber, told me the speaker was charging. I let it charge for a good 3 hours and the red LED was still on, it should turn off when complete, but I needed to shower anyways so I unplugged it and stuck the speaker to my shower wall.

The sound was mediocre, not terrible and you could still hear the highs, mids and that bass. I was able to listen to System of a Down streaming from my phone in the other room without any difficulty, or stuttering. All the buttons on the speaker are covered with a rubber silicone which keeps the device from being damaged when in the shower.

Shower Speaker from the TopShower Speaker from the Top

However, one design flaw I found is that they placed the charging port on the top of the device. What were they thinking? Sure there is a silicone flap stopping any water from leaking in, but these flaps are notorious for breaking over time. I can see eventually water may get into this port and cause the speaker to stop working, just be careful when charging.

If I had one complaint about this device, it is that there is no volume control on the device itself, the only control we have is: Play/Pause, Skip, Go Back, Power, and... Take Call? Who wants to answer the phone while they are in the shower? This seems like a reaching feature that could've been replaced with a standard volume toggle button instead of wasting the space for a call button. Finally, I hate the noise this thing makes when you turn it off or on. With no volume control, it always plays the power music, rather tones, in the highest volume. This could startle those not prepared.

Shower Speaker from the FrontShower Speaker from the Front

Overall, I do enjoy this device for the features it offers, being that I no longer have to get all the cables together to use my little portable ex-iPod dock in the washroom while I shower and I no longer have to worry about my device being damaged with water as I can keep it in the other room while I shower. I would recommend this to anyone looking for easy music in the shower as I had it paired and running within 30 seconds of first turning it on.

Signed, Alex Boddam

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