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The S10-HD and contents
Everything the Headphones come with

Roughly four years ago, I was given a pair of Motorola S9-HD headphones by a co-worker who did not know how to use them. All I had to do was charge them up, and pair them. Was not difficult to pair them at all. However, after 4 years of use, I decided to clean the inside of the earplugs and in doing so, the right speaker came loose and the wires disconnected. I was lost as I was using these on a daily basis. After some searching, I found the S9's are quite hard to find and decided to purchase the S10-HD's. It was either S10 or the S11's which just look far too bulky for my liking.

I did not wait long to receive the product from Amazon, glad I didn't put out the extra money for shipping however as the free shipping arrived just as quick. Either way, I was glad that the headphones I received was a legitimate product, not a Chinese knock-off, considering the price. I loved the style, just an updated look from the S9. In my opinion, the S9 was a bit more durable and not quite as tight. However, using the S10 daily for over a month has had them shape more to my head and they do not give me the pressure that they once did when they were new.

top view of S10-HD
A view from the top

The headphones came in a hard plastic clear case. Inside you get 3 additional sizes for the ear buds. You also receive a booklet describing how to use your new headphones, and finally you also get an AC Charger. Mind you, you can use any micro-USB cord that plugs into your computer to charge these as well.

These things get loud. Now, I am no audiophile, like some people I know, however I was impressed with the quality of sound these were belting out. I could hear all the sounds in my Pod-casts and music more clearly than the S9's were giving. Mind you, I was using the S9's for about three months with only one side until I finally broke down and purchased these new ones. Yes, I am that frugal that I will use a broken product for an extended period and wait for it to die before replacing.The features on the S10-HD are identical to the S9's with the music control on the right side, and volume and call control on the left.

bottom view of the S10-HD
A view from the bottom

I don't use Apple products, so I can not speak for how well it works with iPhones, but on Android, all the features work great. With my Nexus 5 in my pocket, pressing the Play button automatically starts up my last used sound application and resumes right where I left off. Pressing the Call when the phone is not ringing will bring up voice recognition commands. Very easy to use.

The headphones have their own volume control outside of the phones volume levels, which makes it easier to fine-tune the volume to your own liking, plus you wouldn't have to take your phone out to manage the volume, unlike the Bluetooth shower speaker I reviewed.

Image of the controls on the headphonesThe left and right side of the headphones showing the on-device controls

As I said, these do squeeze your head a little to stay on, and they hover over the back of your neck and over time, the arms on these headphones will adjust to the size of your head, increasing comfort after about a month of use. But I have always preferred in-ear headphones rather than the over-the-ear headphones which are just far to bulky and in the way for my liking. The sleek black and red casing and design is definitely preferable to myself as well. Overall, I have been quite impressed with these headphones and have yet to be disappointed. If you can find these for under $80, I would definitely suggest picking them up, and you can use these as a communication device on the PS4, or PC if you have blue tooth on it.

Signed, Alex Boddam.

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